Benefits of Neighborhood INTEGRITY

Fall 2016


Launched this summer, enrollment in the state’s only Medicare-Medicaid Plan, or MMP, continues to grow at an encouraging rate. Neighborhood’s MMP is named INTEGRITY. Thanks to this new plan – and the collaboration among Neighborhood and its federal and state partners — we are able to manage our members’ Medicaid and Medicare Parts A, B, and D benefits in a single, integrated program. INTEGRITY members, who are sometimes calls “duals” as a result of their status as people who are dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, enjoy an integrated care approach that also benefits our providers.

For example, providers have ready access to a Neighborhood member’s Care Manager, who functions as a point person with all the information a provider needs about that member’s care plan. Providers also benefit from integrated billing, which means providers only bill Neighborhood for services an INTEGRITY member receives

The overall goal of Neighborhood INTEGRITY is to improve our members’ health and quality of life – something that cannot be accomplished without the continued support of our provider partners.

For more information about INTEGRITY or your role in it, visit our INTEGRITY Provider page.