Closing Your Practice to New Members

Fall 2019

Neighborhood participating providers agree to make reasonable accommodations to maintain open panels and accept Neighborhood members for care.

In order to best meet the needs of his/her current patient population, Neighborhood recognizes that it may be necessary for a Primary Care Practitioner (PCP) or primary care site to temporarily limit the number of Neighborhood members assigned to the PCP/Site by implementing one or more of the following strategies:

  • Closing the site to Neighborhood membership with the exception of siblings of current patients.
  • Closing the site to Neighborhood membership entirely.

Notification of the PCP/Site’s decision to temporarily close the practice must be forwarded in writing to Neighborhood in advance.

Fax: (401) 709-7066


When a practitioner notifies Neighborhood in writing that the practice would like to be reopened to new membership, Neighborhood will reopen the practice as indicated, provided the practice is compliant with the established Access to Care Standards. For more information, please consult the Provider Manual.