Exceptional Healthcare- Managing Patient Care during a Crisis

The following story exemplifies the profound dedication of our Neighborhood providers and clinical staff.

During a recent telephonic visit, one of Neighborhood’s Health@Home nurse practitioners (NP) discovered that one of her patients, a Medicaid member in her sixties, was not being adherent with her many medications.  Because of the pandemic, the member was not able to get to her regular pharmacy to pick up her medications.  With the help of the NP, some of the patient’s prescriptions were able to be transferred to another pharmacy and scheduled for home-delivery, but some of the patient’s medications needed a primary care provider to review and sign off on the order.  Unfortunately, the member did not have a primary care provider.  The NP worked with a Neighborhood Community Health Worker to identify a healthcare provider that would accept this member.  Within one hour, a secure telephonic new patient appointment was scheduled for the member within one week!  The patient had a new patient visit with her new PCP and was able to get all of her medications delivered to her home.