Bright Start

Bright Start is a program for Neighborhood’s pregnant members. The program provides support and information to help members have a healthy pregnancy with positive birth outcomes and a healthy postpartum period. If a member is identified as having an at-risk pregnancy based on established criteria, she is referred to Bright Start case management. The case manager will work with the member and her provider throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period.


Since the goal of Bright Start is to enable members to have a healthy prenatal and postpartum period and a positive birth outcome, Neighborhood has expanded the incentive program. Now, Bright Start sites are eligible to receive an incentive for early submission of the prenatal health risk assessment, as well as an incentive for completing the recommended amount of prenatal visits (based on HEDIS® criteria) and for completing the postpartum visit within the required time frame (required by HEDIS®). The member is also eligible to receive an incentive for obtaining her postpartum visit within the required time frame. The member’s provider must submit the completed member incentive form.